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I'd like to remove the Log In block, but I won't be able to log in after I do, or will I?

Yes. Many people want to remove the log in block because they are the only person who actually can use it.

This is fine! Go ahead and do so.

The log in is always available at:

where is your current domain name (if you did not enter your own domain name, it will look like: <name>

Another way to avoid the block and make it easy to log in is to create a menu entry that sends you to the log in page.

To do so, click on the Admin tab, then Menus. In that screen, select the menu where you want to add the link. On that page, you will see an option at the top that says "Add item". Click on it. A new form appears.

In the Path, enter the following:


Using the extra /login will prevent the menu from appearing once you are logged in.

Now enter a menu label, we suggest Log In, although you can write it in your language or use anything else that makes sense to you.

Note that you can also create another menu entry called Log out with path:


This menu entry will show when you are logged in and you can click it to log out of your account.

At some point we will include a feature that you can install to apply this trick automatically. Only problem you won't be able to select which menu is used for said trick. You can always edit the menu later and move the items from one menu to another.