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I created a menu but I cannot see anything on the screen?!

First of all, you have to understand that in Snap! there are menus and menu items.

A menu is a collection of menu items. The menu itself is a block that can be shown somewhere on your page. That block shows a title (the name of the menu) and links (the menu items.) However, by default blocks are marked as "Disabled".

To move a block from the Disabled section to another section, click on the Admin tab, then the Blocks icon. Here you see the complete list of blocks including your new menu. Click on the cross (+) and drag the block to another section1.

  • 1. You may also use the drop-down to select the section of a block, in that case, the block is added as the LAST block of that section even though it is shown FIRST in the list. You are free to move the block around before saving though.