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How do I cancel my Snap! Website subscription?


If you added content that you want to transfer to another website, make sure to ask a professional to retrieve a copy of your content before you cancel your Snap! subscription. We are not responsible for losses of data after cancelation of your account. On request we can also send you a copy of you data in the form of an SQL file either in text or in binary format.

Q: How do I cancel my Snap! Website subscription?

You are free to cancel your Snap! Website subscription at any time. You can do so by logging in your Snap! Website account and clicking on Subscriptions. A new page appears with a list of all your subscriptions. Select the one you want to cancel and click on the cancel link on the right side.

Sample of Snap! Website user account showing the Recurring Fee tab.

Q: I cannot see the Recurring fees tab?

This is normal if you already canceled all your recurring fees or never had a recurring fee applied to your account.

Q: I still have a question, what now?

If you have any problem trying to cancel your subscription, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you in the process.