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Content Duplication


Made to Order Software authorizes you to duplicate it's blog content granted that you link back to the original article.

Made to Order Software reserves the right to ask you to remove its content from your website or wherever you posted it for any reason or no reason.

Note: Pages that you can duplicate have a link to this authorization page.


When just the teaser of an article is duplicated, you must make the title a link back to the original website and you must leave all the links in the teaser intact. In this case, stating the source of the article is not required unless you duplicate more than 2 articles. Such duplication usually happens via the different RSS feeds which you are free to use for that purpose (see below.) Make sure that your aggregator1 displays the source of the content. If the aggregator does not do it automatically, you are responsible for adding the information somewhere on all the pages where the content of our RSS feed(s) appear.

Full Article

When an article is duplicated in full, the content may be edited to better fit your website. A link must be present back to the original, either within the text or at the bottom, but in all cases it must be clear that the article was produced and published by Made to Order Software.

Note that does not give you the right to duplicate the entire website page. Only the content of the article generally delimited by its title at the top and a set of links at the bottom is considered the article. When an article has footnotes, they will appear right after the set of links. These are also part of the article, however, you are not obligated to copy them.

Warning about Images

Please note that some of the photos and other images in our Full Articles have a link back to the source. This link is generally necessary and must be kept in your version. If you do not want that link, remove the image.


All the links pointing to one of our websites (including,, must be relevant links. This means, they cannot include the rel="nofollow" attribute.

The blog RSS feeds must include one of those two links:

The links present within articles must either be removed (only possible when the Full Article is published) or kept as they are. Again, you are not authorized to add the rel="nofollow" attribute.

Affiliate Links

If you are one of our affiliates, you are authorized to add your affiliate identifier on your link. Please, make sure that the link you are creating works. At this time, links going to do not register your affiliate information.

Public RSS

The RSS that you can use is the Blog or Journal RSS. The acceptable RSS links for public duplication are as follow:

  • Feed icon Snap! Blogs
  • Feed icon Alexis' Blog

You are welcome to use the other feeds privately the way you wish, but not for public duplication on your website or other system.


Feel free to contact us if there is anything that you do not understand or if you are unsure about.

  • 1. An aggregator is a software tool that is capable of reading an RSS feed and presenting the content on your website or other system for you and others to see.