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1,900 new Top Level Domain (TLD) name proposed to ICANN

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.lol TLDICANN added 14 new TLDs, such as the .ss for South Sudan and the .tel for telecom companies, in the last 28 years. TLDs started being in use in 1984.

This year, ICANN decided to offer companies the opportunity to define their own TLDs. 1,900 applications have been submitted and we expect ICANN to release information about those on June 13, just a few more days...

Crazy Long Domain Names without meaning!?

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Gothic Letters by Giovannino de Grassi
Gothic Letters HJKLPQR by Giovannino

Today I received a spam comment on Snap! Websites. Nothing too surprising up to here. Quickly browsing (the text was just gibberish so fast reading takes on its full meaning!) I noticed that the link in the email was using the domain name abcde. The first 5 letters of the alphabet.

This gave me the idea to check whether someone had registered the Latin alphabet domain name. After all, it could be viewed as a valuable domain name, right?

Sure enough! abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz dot com is registered! The registration was made privately (the whois does

Presentation of Snap! at the Sacramento Drupal Users Group

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Sacramento Drupal Users Group LogoTonight I had the chance to present Snap! features1, concept, business model to a Drupal Users Group (DUG).

The presentation went well. We talked quite a bit about how to make use of Drupal to create such a system. Three other groups of people are doing a similar work, so it was an interesting event as we talked about the different solutions we each have.

Snap! Websites are powered by Drup CMS. A system used by more and more people as it has matured to a quite advanced system with a large number of third party modules that complement it very well.

  • 1. I'm attaching the presentation below, click on the link to view it in your PDF reader.

AddThis not working...

Alexis Wilke's picture without the CSS to beautify it.Somehow, today all our websites looked like there were running very slowly...

The problem was that it was trying to read the AddThis button and attached JavaScript code and could not do so because for some reason AddThis is currently down. It has been for hours so I'm writing this blog post in that regard!

It is the first time that I see AddThis down. It may have happened before, but the fact is I have never seen it before. The site still shows up, after all the necessary connections time out and it shows up without any styling (ugly Web 0.9 or something like that.)

No shame in having your system down, especially for small companies. That's a much bigger one though therefore that's strange that they would be down for so long. Anyway, CSS problems similar to this one did happen to us as two of our caches were not properly synchronized!