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About AdSense

You can get an easy to install Google AdSense functionality on your website with Snap! Websites Upgrade: Google AdSense.

As you've seen, quite many websites show you advertisement and those will have a Google AdSense mark in a corner (usually bottom right.) If you do not yet have an AdSense account, it is easy to sign up. The only requirements is for you to have your own website since the point of using AdSense is for you to display the AdSense ads to your website visitors.)1

  • 1. If you did not yet verify your website with Google, you may also be asked to verify it. I passed on that part in this post, but will come back to it in the Snap! Documentation.

Do you have a Bio on your Snap! blog?

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Unidentified people... by J. DelanoyEvery now and then I bump into something that reminds me of things to do on your blog... One of those things is to create a page that talks about you: Your Bio. It may be including with your account or found on a separate page.

Today, I finally entered my blog bio on Snap! Many of you already know me via Facebook and other Social Media networks so you probably don't need to read my bio on Snap! Websites, but others may be interested.

Different people think differently and each person will write there bio in a completely different way. There is no strict rule about that!

I would suggest that

I should not put a link to my Snap! Blog on a "weird" website... Isn't it?

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Google just released a new update (May 2012) called Penguin which actually contradict the following. If too many links from websites considered bad do point to your website, then Google may degrade your page rank.

See my new post about this change here.

SPAM meat boxes with arrow pointing toward your Snap! Website...You may have heard from some people that a link pointing to your Snap! Blog when present on a spam website can affect your ranking in the wrong direction. Oops!

The idea is actually very simple, if you get a a link from a very high level website such as The BBC (Google Rank 9) or IBM (Google Rank 8) then you get highly accredited for it. A link on a website that does not even have a rank1, on the other hand, does not give you much credit if at all.