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Who is that author? Increase your credibility with Snap!

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As I keep up to date with Google Search Engine enhancements, I listen to a video (here on the left) yesterday explaining how you could increase your credibility (and thus increase the number of hits you get on your websites) by clearly specifying who the author of a post is. I immediately made the necessary changes to Snap! so it supports this capability.

For anyone who offers a blog or similar feature on their website, it is very likely that you will include the name of the author and a link to his or her account. The account should include a small biography describing the author ...

Snap! SEO: Get SEO links right at hand

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Many SEO tools, one click away.Today I heard of a useful tool, especially if you are like me and like to track down your SEO progress with your Snap! Websites.

It is a very interesting and simple tool that sends you to all sorts of websites that give you detailed SEO information such as page rank, links to the page, whether you exist on DMOZ, etc.

I already gave you some of those URLs and tricks. Yet this tool is cool since it makes those links available in an automated way for all the websites that you visit making it very easy and quick to go check out your SEO information.

We work hard for Snap! to be secure

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I am glad to inform you that once again I had a reported security fix patched by the Drupal Security Team.

You can read the security problem in details on the website:

SA-CONTRIB-2011-020 - Taxonomy Access Control Lite (tac_lite) - Cross Site Scripting

This is how we work here. Security is our prime goal and we work hard to make our system secure at all time.

Although this XSS problem was mitigated in several ways, it was still a problem.

Snap! SEO: Why don't I want a Flash website?

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Clock from the SSWF Project

I've seen many users creating really nice Flash websites. This is not a bad idea, especially if you work with Flash or you somehow have many animations/videos to present to your users in a seamless manner. However, for a regular website, such as a Snap! website, it has one major drawback: it is not SEO friendly.

Flash animations are binary files (.swf) and as such they often do not contain any readable text. Actually, if you want to make sure that the font works right, you will be using an internal font and that may prevent any readable text from appearing in the file (properly optimized text does not use standard encoding for strings of character such as ASCII or Unicode.) In any event, if the search engines do not have the necessary tools to read Flash animations and find your text, it simply won't be indexed.

Adobe offers some tools to work on those files, but it is not widely used.

At what point can you say that you're famous?

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Shoemoney fans get T-shirts with Shoe's logo
Visit the real Shoemoney,com

There is a quick one. I thought that was interesting as I received an email, supposedly from Jeremy at Shoemoney.

Jeremy has been playing on the Internet for a while and made several millions at it already. So he's pretty famous and has many incentives for you to give him money so you can follow in his path and make money yourself (you can also get T-shirts as shown on the side here.)

So... receiving an email from him would be sensible, especially if you registered with him before (since in that case you'd be on his mailing list, wouldn't you?)

And today I received this one:

What's a good Snap! title? A money making headline!

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The 10 worst headlines with the words "Anything" and "Whatever"
Shamelessly taken from Cheeminology

As I mentioned before on my Snap! Blog, the content of your Internet Marketing is quite similar to the content of regular marketing. Trying to do it all differently is not going to make it work better for you. Obviously, you have to make the best use the technology available to you, but the content of the title (your headline!) is still up to you and one of the most important part of each one of your posts.

A headline that works must capture the reader's attention. The attention you generate will bring him or her to start reading your post because it moves them. In many cases, that's all the person will read. If not interested, they will still skip your post, but blunt title without an emotion generator will pretty much always be skipped. Now...

Snap! SEO: Should I delete my old Snap! pages?

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Old Man in Saatchi Gallery, LondonThere is one thing that I always tell my customers: Do not delete old pages. Continue to grow your Snap! Website and keep that good old content.

Well... There is a more in depth explanation for this saying.

Aging Content

All content grows older in some way. However, some content survives time. For instance, 1 + 1 = 2 will remain true for a while1.

Snap! SEO -- Considering cross linking? Is it bad?

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What is Cross Linking?

I have seen many people talking about cross-linking and how bad such practice can be. So... first of all what is Cross Linking?

I already talked about links. There is only one type of link on the Internet: the an anchor tag. Whether you are using Snap! Hosting or another service, a link is a link1. The anchor tag is defined as follow:

<a href="destination">text or image or both</a>

There are reasons why you'd want to use text within the anchor, but using an image is safe as long as you make sure to include a valid alternate text and title attributes on the image. Either way, the text should include your keywords whenever possible (i.e. not « click here » unless that's what you're selling...)

  • 1. Note that there are links within Flash animations and links formed using JavaScript. Those are likely to be ignored by many search engines and they are not recommended to create valid SEO links.

Snap! SEO - Importance of Link Density within one page of your Snap! Blog

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Representation of the density repartition of a gas.
3D Gas Density Representation by NASA

If you've read quite a few things about SEO, you have probably heard of word density before. The density of the words found on your websites, such as the words « Snap! Hosting Plans », is used by search engines such as Google in an  attempt to determine what the heck you are the most likely talking about. The words that are found to be used the most are called your keywords1

  • 1. Note that the density may be tweaked by what you are highlighting. So the word Snap! as is may count as 1. The word Snap! in bold may count as 1.3. Similarly, italic will ...

Your Snap! Website look and feel

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Today I wanted to talk about something that's quite important for your Snap! Website but that quite many people do not follow to the letter.

When you are a business and use the services of a professional to create your website, then he or she will enter the content for you. Notice that a professional looking website will have very strict guidelines in regard to content styling. This is what I want to talk about here.