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Snap! SEO: Get SEO links right at hand

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Many SEO tools, one click away.Today I heard of a useful tool, especially if you are like me and like to track down your SEO progress with your Snap! Websites.

It is a very interesting and simple tool that sends you to all sorts of websites that give you detailed SEO information such as page rank, links to the page, whether you exist on DMOZ, etc.

I already gave you some of those URLs and tricks. Yet this tool is cool since it makes those links available in an automated way for all the websites that you visit making it very easy and quick to go check out your SEO information.

Make you Snap! RSS feed available on iPhone

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Snap! Websites RSS feed iPhone look and feel.Today I found a neat little Internet application which I think you can benefit from, especially if you have a blog or write news on a regular basis and your website supports an RSS feed.

The application retrieves your RSS feed titles and presents them as if you were in one of your iPhone menus. When the user clicks on one of the menu titles, it sends the user to a page with the RSS feed title and teaser. You can also provide an icon (57x57) to give your users the best visual way to find your feed on their front screen.

Snap! SEO: New Google Algorithm... Stopping Scrappers

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Pre-history tools from Maluti
Thousands of years old scrappers

I mentioned several times that you shouldn't just copy others materials freely on your website.

Now Google decided that too much is too much and they made their new algorithm live late February. This new algorithm penalizes that kind of websites...

If you have been doing such a thing, know that your website rank has already decreased.

At what point can you say that you're famous?

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Shoemoney fans get T-shirts with Shoe's logo
Visit the real Shoemoney,com

There is a quick one. I thought that was interesting as I received an email, supposedly from Jeremy at Shoemoney.

Jeremy has been playing on the Internet for a while and made several millions at it already. So he's pretty famous and has many incentives for you to give him money so you can follow in his path and make money yourself (you can also get T-shirts as shown on the side here.)

So... receiving an email from him would be sensible, especially if you registered with him before (since in that case you'd be on his mailing list, wouldn't you?)

And today I received this one:

Presentation of Snap! at the Sacramento Drupal Users Group

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Sacramento Drupal Users Group LogoTonight I had the chance to present Snap! features1, concept, business model to a Drupal Users Group (DUG).

The presentation went well. We talked quite a bit about how to make use of Drupal to create such a system. Three other groups of people are doing a similar work, so it was an interesting event as we talked about the different solutions we each have.

Snap! Websites are powered by Drup CMS. A system used by more and more people as it has matured to a quite advanced system with a large number of third party modules that complement it very well.

  • 1. I'm attaching the presentation below, click on the link to view it in your PDF reader.

Private Label Rights, Copyrights and Ingenuity for your Snap! Website

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If you've been on the Internet for a little while and have been thinking of creating your own business, chances are, you probably ran in some sort of Private Label Rights (PLR) e-Book. Such an e-Book gives you, the reader, rights to duplicate the content, in most cases with small changes such as your name, email address, website URL, and maybe the front page with your own ad.

I talked about Copyright and copying problems in an older post. A PLR e-Book clearly grants the reader specific rights via a specific license that spells out the copyright and how each part of the book can be used (only read, duplicated, sold, modified, shared, etc.)1

I thought that this book cover would do very well for a post in regard to PLR e-Books:
These are recyclable books, after all!


  • 1. Check out the attached e-Book, it includes such a license on page 54 (although the author says to check page 50 on page 2 of the book, he probably added a few more things afterward...)

What's a good Snap! title? A money making headline!

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The 10 worst headlines with the words "Anything" and "Whatever"
Shamelessly taken from Cheeminology

As I mentioned before on my Snap! Blog, the content of your Internet Marketing is quite similar to the content of regular marketing. Trying to do it all differently is not going to make it work better for you. Obviously, you have to make the best use the technology available to you, but the content of the title (your headline!) is still up to you and one of the most important part of each one of your posts.

A headline that works must capture the reader's attention. The attention you generate will bring him or her to start reading your post because it moves them. In many cases, that's all the person will read. If not interested, they will still skip your post, but blunt title without an emotion generator will pretty much always be skipped. Now...

Snap! SEO: Google working on their own advice!

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Today, I'll be quite lazy...

There is a video from Google presented by Matt Cutts. Matt is an engineer who knows a lot of things about Google search capabilities and talks about them in videos like this one. Check his channel if you want to learn more. This is very similar to my Snap! SEO posts here.

This video talks about the fact that Google, the company, had many products that were not SEO friendly. Remember that if you want to beat competition, it is not enough to bring loads of traffic to your site. You also need something compelling on the page. Generally, Google has compelling tools (also, orkut is terrible!) But if your pages are ugly and not SEO friendly at all, traffic will be much lower than it could other be. This is why I add features in Snap! that help you with your website SEO work. Most of the things Matt talks about here are automated with Snap!

A "username" for your Facebook groups, pages and applications!

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Macro picture of a spider with hairy legs and mandibles walking in its web.
Isn't that an ugly spider?!
As ugly as those URLs!

When you first create your group, business page or application its URL looks deadly ugly. It includes your page name, but it has a very large number too... A number you can be sure no one will remember. Okay, maybe one or two people, but I hope you're really looking into getting a few more than that to Like your page! Oh! And Speaking of that, don't forget to click the Like button of this very page, look up there...

Now there is a good example: the Snap! Websites page. Really, it went like this:

This reminds me of those URLs sent to you by pretty much all the websites where you can create an account or download something after you entered your email address. They will include one really ugly usually random number. Actually, some of those websites will send you 3 or 4 of these long numbers. I'm still not too sure why they cannot do the same thing with one small number. When you register for Snap! I generate one very small number and you still have something like 1 billion possibilities, so the chances for a hacker to get the right number are quite slim. Okay... sorry... that was my rant about silly billies better known as website programmers.

Snap! SEO: Should I delete my old Snap! pages?

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Old Man in Saatchi Gallery, LondonThere is one thing that I always tell my customers: Do not delete old pages. Continue to grow your Snap! Website and keep that good old content.

Well... There is a more in depth explanation for this saying.

Aging Content

All content grows older in some way. However, some content survives time. For instance, 1 + 1 = 2 will remain true for a while1.