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Private Label Rights, Copyrights and Ingenuity for your Snap! Website

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If you've been on the Internet for a little while and have been thinking of creating your own business, chances are, you probably ran in some sort of Private Label Rights (PLR) e-Book. Such an e-Book gives you, the reader, rights to duplicate the content, in most cases with small changes such as your name, email address, website URL, and maybe the front page with your own ad.

I talked about Copyright and copying problems in an older post. A PLR e-Book clearly grants the reader specific rights via a specific license that spells out the copyright and how each part of the book can be used (only read, duplicated, sold, modified, shared, etc.)1

I thought that this book cover would do very well for a post in regard to PLR e-Books:
These are recyclable books, after all!


  • 1. Check out the attached e-Book, it includes such a license on page 54 (although the author says to check page 50 on page 2 of the book, he probably added a few more things afterward...)

The power of a page rank of 8 for your Snap! Website

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Number 1Last week I talked about Squidoo.

This week, I searched for Snap Free Hosting on Google and sure enough, my page appears first. Whether this is good, who knows... (some say that's not the most important part of getting sales! We'll have to touch that important subject soon!) Of course, at some point it will get there for Free Hosting by itself, I'm sure. I still think that's a pretty good position in about 1 week's time. Of course, that Squidoo page links to this Snap! Website. This is definitively what I call Snap! SEO.

Can I copy and paste an article I found on another website to better the SEO of my Snap! Website?

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Copying and Copyright History

Up until the 15th century, when Gutenberg invented the first mechanical press using an existing screw press, only scribes would duplicate books, all by hand. It was time consuming and each copy generally included changes (enhancements and also errors.)

Between the 15th and 17th centuries, with Gutenberg's invention, the number of books grew quickly and more authors were born. This also created the fast spreading of a lot more information between many more people. Governments across Europe quickly imposed regulations of the press in an attempt to reduce the ...

Snap! Blogger site success... Any easy steps to measure my progress?

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A question that I quite often get from newbies is: how can I know that my Snap! Blogger site is getting there?

The following are several points that I wanted to bring to your attention and that are very easy to check1. Each one of these should be a goal, although you may want to tweak the list to your own personal taste.

Internet Marketing includes Branding with your Snap! Website

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I'm probably not the top expert in Internet Marketing, nor at Branding. But I do very well understand both concepts. The masses do not (they get trapped by it!)

My first example at branding is the following Google Search:

Notice that I did not put the quotes as in "alexis wilke". Thus, this search returns all the Alexis Wilke in the world and any approximation of the terms. Right? Not really. The first page is 100% about me. Actually, the first 80 or so websites1 returned are a reference ...

  • 1. Should be more today, I checked about a year ago...