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Setup Snap! AdSense

(Small Snap! Logo) Snap! Websites offers Google AdSense as a feature to help you monetize your website.

Google AdSense
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The Google AdSense feature eases the setup of your ads on your website. Instead of having to deal with HTML, you only have to copy your publisher number and ad slot numbers in the right places.

The publisher number is found at the top-right of your Google AdSense control page. It starts with pub- followed by a rather long number.

To find your ad slot numbers, click on AdSense Setup. By default, the tab brings you to the Get Ads screen, where you can create new ads. If you do not yet an ad, then go ahead and create one now. Note that Google AdSense gives you a last screen with HTML in a text area. Please ignore that screen!

Once you have ads, click on the Manage Ads tab. This gives you a table of your ads with their name and their slot number in parenthesis.

Click on the AdSense screenshot at the top-right. We marked the publisher identifier with a red arrow and the slot ads with green arrows.

Administer » Site configuration » AdSense
PublisherID tab
Google AdSense Settings (publisher number)
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      Administer » Site building » Blocks
Configure any AdSense Block

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